Welcome to our LASH BOSS blog

This is our first blog post and we are really happy and excited to have you here.

We hope that you will find everything that you wanted to know about lash extensions or how to become the best boss babe version of yourself. Doesn't matter if you are a beginner or already a lash stylist for a while, we will have great and interesting topics for each of you.

It is never easy to start your own business, design your first studio, find the best products to work with, especially going out to the World and get new clients. (not to forget to mention, to keep them)

That's why we are here. We will be right next to you, holding your hand and keep you motivated even when you feel there is a huge mess in your head and you just want to forget about all your dreams becoming the best lash master in town.

Keep in your mind, you are a real LASH BOSS.

Yes, we know it is challenging. So take a big breath. Feel the energy and always remember why you started.

The road to become a lash artist is so beautiful and interesting, we know that you will be so proud of yourself that you fight for your dreams and keep going.

We have so much to learn, so let's get started right away...

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About Us

A passionate lash artist, a designer and an enthusiast photographer. All in all a boss babes here to inspire you with interesting topics about lash extensions, motivating and unique lash designs that a LASH BOSS should always have.

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