How to start an eyelash extension business?

Your head is full of ideas and dreams about becoming a LASH BOSS.

You already see yourself running your lash empire, working in your cozy salon or at home.

You are managing your own time with great freedom.

You are posting trendy pictures about your works to hundreds of girls who are just in love with what you do.

But WHERE do I start? WHAT is the first step? - you ask yourself

Let’s see the main questions you should ask yourself before you jump into your new LASH BOSS life.

#1 Did I take a lash course before I start my business?

Education is the key to success, but not all courses are created equal. With so many choices of Lash extension trainings, it can be difficult to select which one will be worth your time and money. If you don't want to be disappointed when you work hard and in the end it feels like you didn't get all of the information or assistance you needed to be successful, you need to check the market wisely.

In the future we will share some useful tips how to find the best Lash extension training for you.

#2 Do I have enough money to invest in the minimal supplies and equipments to start to take clients?

We already mentioned in our previous post that starting a lash business will not necessarily break a bank, but some basic investments might be still needed.

Is this something that you want to commit 100% or you prefer to start it as a side job.

Lot of things to consider, so start your market research. It is always good to know the prices of other lash service provider in your area. How much a beautiful new lash set cost, how much is the refill, what are the conditions of having a refill. Then also don't forget to check out the prices of a lash suppliers.

Get started with a small kit. At the beginning you wont need a lots of products. Get the most common eyelash extension sizes and thickness. ( we will also create another post about these so stay tuned)

#3 Do I have a space to start my business?

Most of us is dreaming about our own cozy salon, with fluffy pillows, soft sheets and beautiful pictures on the wall. YES, this will come too, but first of all it is good to decide if you want to rent a chair in an existing lash bar, or you have enough space to build your Lash empire at home. Naturally, this is a much more cost-effective option for someone without existing clientele.

#4 Do I have a business plan?

In short, a business plan allows you to communicate your vision to others and most importantly to yourself to help you set and meet your goals. You should include market research and detailed information about your service, your marketing strategies, target audience, obstacles and short and long term goals.

A well done business plan connects all the dots in your business so you get a better picture of the whole. Since it is a very important and bigger topic which worth to be discussed in more details, we will guide you through it in a seperate post.

#5 Do I have all the license and permissions to start a lash business?

This is the most challenging part for most of us, but good news it has to be done only once. Since it is different in every country and city do your research on permits needed for opening a business at home. Do a quick search in Google for “Starting a business in ________ (your city/state)” to find resources and step by step instructions on how to file for the right paperwork and licenses to operate within the appropriate guidelines.

Also make sure that you have all the technical or trade license required in your state.

#6 AM I READY???

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